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 Oshkosh (KOSH) trip.

Chaque année traditionellement depuis  1953  "The Airshow" of Steve Wittman airport, passionne les pilotes du Monde entier et même  leur famille
et autres curieux.

Plus sur Oshkosh et son célèbre aéroport: @   @  @  @  @  @  @  @  (FSX Flightsimulator too @  @  @  )

Cette année Jonathan a décidé de s'y rendre avec son Beech Baron.

"Dimanche matin :
Dear friends and family, today I leave on a ten thousand mile adventure to northern America. Along with my friend Henry and trusty 1977 beech baron aircraft we fly via Scotland, Iceland,Over the polar ice cap and Greenland then to the northern territories of Canada down the Easter seaboard of Newfoundland and then the united states toward the Caribbean. Then backup to Oshkosh Wisconsin and then h
ome again! This is a massive undertaking and somthing I've been dreaming of for 10 years.
Only some one that has done something like this knows what it entails mountains of paper work, sign offs,certifications, approvals, visas, licencing etc. the flying shoud
actually be quite straight forward! I would like to thank all the people who have helped and supported me during the last 6months as this trip has steadily ramped up.
This includes my lovely family. I wish I was doing this trip for charity but there has been no time to organise that. And who knows we might not even get to Scotland.
I will let you all know how we get on and try and send some picture enroute,
Best Jonny

 Départ depuis  Lee on Solent  EGHF (Portsmouth) ancien aérodrome militaire aujourd'hui devenu civil. @  @  @   @  @ (video)  @

EGHF Lee on Solent existe pour FSX @ (photo en bas de page)

 Première escale au Nord de l'Ecosse à Findhorm.
Dimanche soir :
Hey we arrived in inverness Scotland just in time for a lovely late lunch Out side at the Kimberly pub in the Beautiful town of Findhorn with great friends, then a walk on the beech sunny weather. Very different to the hairy arrival to inverness coming in over the mountains in IFR conditions we were picking up ice on the air frame in the decent
to shoot the ILS (instrument landing system, precision approach to land) all went ok jut before the heavens opened. Yippeeeee! Jonny


 Lundi soir :
Hi there we left or friends in Findhorn and headed to Inverness airport the clouds were gathering as we expedited out to the north only a short flight to Wick but one which proved particularly difficult by the time we started the approach the cloud was scattered at 200ft! After a REALLY scary moment we touched down in the mist and drizzle to meet the other two aircraft transiting the Atlantic withus. One departed almost immediately. We got togged up in our ocean survival kit boarded the Baron for our ocean crossing to iceland.
We departed after a minor delay due to our GPS once again climbing up to the heavens in the murk, utilizing the deice kit and on Oxygen by flight level 100 then on up to the sunshine at 14,500ft 4hrs later and 90 nautical miles from Reykjavik my phone cam alive, so texted Gwenola just to reassure her I wasn't with my mistress! We cancelled the IFR flight plan an did a visual approach and landing into 20degs and bright sunshine. It is beautiful here and an absolute babe fest, not that it is of any interest to me.
Now relaxing in a hotel after dinner for an early start tomorrow for a BIG day. we fly across Greenland and hope to reach the northern territories of Canada by night fall lets see how we get on. I will try to post some pics for you all and keep you up to date!












Island Reykjavick  un autre avion du Groupe.

Island Reykjavick

Island Reykjavick le plein.


  Aujourd'hui c'est le grand jour : Reykjavik > Canada en passant au-dessus du Groenland et en frôlant la calotte polaire...

Vers  Greenbay

En route pour Greenbay




Courte (très) finale et posé à Kangerlussuaq...(Greenland ouest) Ancienne base américaine du temps de la guerre froide.



Vérifications des moteurs du Braon à Kanderlussuaq

Dear friends,
Wow its really late again and I am cream crackered we just got in to charlotte town prince Edward island and landed one hour after sunset at 2130 local and 0130 Zulu time. 
Yesterday we dropped three time zones so fatigue is beginning to show on both of us we had another quite challenging day today as we departed arctic Canada for nova scotia.
we decided to split from our colleagues today and head south to see my beautiful daughter in PEI where she now lives. It is from her lovely apartment that I write to you this Facebook blog.
We were the last to take off this morning and we all knew the conditions were deteriorating at our destinations the other two aircraft a socata TB20 and a Cessna 182
headed slightly west of us and stopped 200 miles before we did we knew we heading into an active frontal system but had opted not to go to goose bay as it afforded us little options for alternatives with potential fuel exhaustion, not a situation I want to be in.

The weather was also dreadful the with active thunder storms an heavy precipitation. As we bid farewell to our friend by radio I requested another storm scope report as we once again encountered ryme ice building up on the airframe, all deice systems on the aircraft were rapidly put to use and the Barons performance restored by the time we reached our chosen airport the conditions were down to minima! So we shot the RNAV NDB approach just scrapping in, to a deserted mining town air port on an Inuit Indian reservation; scheffersville still no mobile coverage and no WIFI we manageged to find a fueller and filled up on Avgas 100LL
(she said she'd forgotten we were coming and thought the bad weather had kept us away!)
This was going to cost us time wise But the weather was improving so that was great news. After a few bits to eat in the local Inuit Indian cafe we a very Unique experience!! We then filed and departed knowing we had to cross the frontal system. 
Once again the deice kit went on bumped along pick our way carefully though the tops of the storm cells at FL120, we eventually popped out of the other side about an hour later as it was getting dark the sun setting behind the storm was beautiful pretty soon we were in the decent to PEI and except for being hit by a microburst on course to the final approach fix (losing a 1000ft a minute OUCH!! We landed smoothly without incident. We taxied back and parked as the controller told us we would be met by a pilot who was interested in the aircraft and to find out what on earth we we were doing. 

 Au départ vers Port Clinton . Pourquoi cet écart entre les manifolds?


 "Dico" proprio de l'avion en réparation à Prince Edward

Double turbo Continental IO 550

 Réparation d'un autre avion à Prince Edward

Départ de Prince Edward  (avions stoppeuses  non prises en charge..)

 Dear Friends,
After two fantastic relaxing days in PEI nova scotia we are on our way once again, we've had such a brilliant time here, seeing Betty and chill axing. Yesterday Henry and I went walking again and I went for a swim but as Henry's immune system has taken a pounding culminating in a sore throat we though perhaps the best remedy for
him would be a little sleep under a tree in the sun. 

It seems to have done the trick as he is now much better a combination of this and not flying the arse of our selves has helped enormously, imagine that!
Last night we took Betty and Richard out to our favorite resturant in Charlottetown, the brick house (hmmm reminds me of a song) we had a fantastic meal and a wonderful night, I even managed not to embarrass Betty, well not too much anyway.
Today we leave for the US we fly east to Maine to clear in for US customs and then on to Michigan where we stop for the night before flying on to Oshkosh however if
we get in early enough we may try to fly in to Osh direct. 
This does however mean our great plans to head to the southern US and Florida will have to wait for another time, as Henry put it "we'll just have to do it when we've got
a King Air $$$$$ has anyone won the euromilllions yet?
Anyways I'm extremely sad about this but perhaps I was a little over optimistic on how much time we would have once we had got here. I'm really sorry to all my friends
and loved ones who I will not have the fortune of seeing this time, please forgive me I know how excited some of you have been but I promise to be back again in Clearwater sooooon X
The enroute weather has improved significantly and it looks like we wil have a great flight tomorrow in superb conditions, YIPPEEE!
We have to be extremely carefull however getting in to Osh as the high volume of traffic can be hazardous with often several aircraft landing at the same time on the runway on different touch down zones it looks pretty exciting but challenging to me! the briefing is about twenty pages long especially produced for the hard of hearing. 

 Décollage.  Après Prince Edward direction Bangor  (douanes US obligatoires)

  Vol  après décollage de Prince Edward direction Bangor.

 Survol  de l'Amérique du "centre Nord" et des grands lacs

 Vers Bangor

Météo idéale vers Bangor USA.

Vers Port Clinton
 Dear friends.
It's been another busy 24 hrs and as one might already assume it was a little slow to get going yesterday after a late night out, we got up late and made our way to port Clinton airfield we only had a few more hours of flying to reach our final destination, but as you can imagine I was beginning to get tense at the prospect of SO many aircraft arriving and turning up at the same destination at the same time all trying to land on the same runways. (Normally Two in operation symiltaniously.) 
I suggest we planned the trip and then went for a full on breakfast American style, we borrowed the FBO's pool car and sniffed out a great breakfast joint.
After good food and LOTS of coffee we where ready and I felt relaxed again, we returned to the FBO on the airfield and I filed an IFR flight plan to KUNU an air field 50 miles south of Oshkosh, so as to be able to cancel the IFR flight plan and make a VFR approach and filter in with the rest of the traffic to land. We readied the Baron and ran up
the engines taxiing out into the morning heat to depart at eleven climbing out to 8000ft the temperature cooled and we settled down into our now familiar routine. We transited the last part of Lake Eriee and the lake Michigan and after an hour and a half we were in the decent to KUNU.

So as you may understand the situation a little better some of the aircraft are only capable of about 70 miles an hour and some are coming in at 180 miles an hour, we had
to fly in at 2300 ft at or below 135 knots So as we approached we slowed right down deployed the undercarriage and the flaps one stage. One is not allowed to respond to ATC but only to follow instructions in the meantime slower aircraft are made to fly in at a lower altitude and form a circuit underneath ours at 1800ft so as we joined the
procession toward Oshkosh we got the call "Baron 58 waggle your wings!, Good job!, as I vigorously waggled (This was to identify us from the other aircraft). Then,
"Baron 58 follow the red Lancair up the railroad tracks!"." Position to land 27!" then over to tower on 118.7". Tower calls, "Baron 58 land on the green spot!". We are now on short finals, the green spot is halfway down the runway we have aircraft landing in front on the yellow spot and behind on the orange spot. I pull the throttles back, flare and touch down just before the green spot.

WOW we have finally arrived at Oshkosh air venture 2012! YIPPEEE. 
We Taxi off the runway and head for the parking we tie down and clean and tidy up the aircraft. Put the covers on and then, Justin and john arrive in the TB20. Half an hour later than us after so many miles.
Henry and I then have a little toast to our acheivement with a very fine malt whiskey that was waiting on board for just such an occasion. We call a friend and meet a friendly face at the FBO. Barrie Elliot is here to meet us. We then spend the next few hours organizing our accomadation and passes for the event the back to the house we are
billeted to for a cool swim in the evening light. Really hope this is not getting too monotonous, I will take a few days of before we start the Long journey back to the UK to
give you all a rest and I'll relax and see the show and what it has to offer may add some more photos tomorrow.


Port Clinton, surprise une manifestation aéronautique nous y attend .

B25 à Port Clinton

Port Clinton fiesta aérienne ici un B25

 Majestueux et brillant B17.




 Port Clinton

 Pour 425 dollars par personne vous pouvez faire un tour en vol..sur ce B17.

Port Clinton  exposition aérienne 

Dear friends, 
Yesterday turned out to be another amazing day as we left PEI and headed West toward our final destination Oskosh Wisconsin. We met some great people at the flying club in Charlottetown as we departed and were helped considerably with the US customs issue by my new friend Dico.
Betty was there to see us off and took some great pictures she also promised to tag the one of the trip that never made it on to my Facebook blog. In truth we were lucky
not to pick up some hitch hikers for the rest of our trip! Everyone seemed really impressed with what we had done and excited for our achevement.
We waggled the wings on the climb out to 8000ft and set couse IFR for Bangor 1 1/2 hours later we positioned on to finals at a massive international airport.
Customs and immigration was swiftly dealt with and Henry and I headed for the main terminal for some food and drinks. Then back to the FBO to file our IFR flight plan and look at the weather.
I wanted to land in a nice town with good facilities and not some heavily industrial area of which the are so many around these parts, so we looked on the chart and I put my finger down on a lake side community in between Chicago and Cleveland. Henry seemed very anxious about where we would end up and kept asking me about what it would be like there and what the hotel I had picked was like. In all truth ihad no idea I just went on hunch I did however know that the hotel was a little way from the air field
It turned out to be a lakeside holiday town Clinton Catawba Island and we couldn't have done better if we'd tried with in moments of landing we had fuelled and were
given tee shirts and hats as was the grand opening of a new aviation museum, basically a massive party and barbecue was going on just on the other side of the airfield we were whisked of in a Golf cart and shown around meeting all the local heavies! One of whom was kind enough to give us the use of one of his local houses! On one condition we went buy ferry to Put in Bay a SERIOUS party town.
We cancelled our hotel grabbed some things from the aircraft and went for a shower in this palatial residence this expediteded to the ferry out to Put in bay. This place was
a totally MADD so we had a few drinks and fought our way out through the drunken mobs and numerous Batchelorettte partie back on to the ferry there certainly was a lot of volume but very little quality. So bed was the best option. Now just waiting for a cab to take us back to air port for ou final leg to Oshkosh.

Arrivée à Oshkosh  après vol Bangor /Oshkosh.Bingo


Henry Freeborn fin de vol depuis Great Britain vers USA Oshkosh

 Oshkosh un FURI

Super mignon ce coucou à Oshkosh

Oshkosh relax

 Toute l'équipe des avions venus d'Angleterre. Bravos. Congratulations

 Le plus moche ..(avis personnel de Jonny)

Longue attente pour quitter Oskosh

Queue pour l'alignement puis décollage depuis Oshkosh.

Dear friends 
After the most amazing event to do with general aviation on planet earth for three days we packed up our bags and headed for the airfield. we have had such an amazing
time it has really been an incredible experience. After all Oshkosh was the Holy grail we had set out on our quest to find, "an aviation show right?". 

Well what we really found was a lot different than we had expected. The aircraft are amazing the flying is superb the stands that have so much to offer Brilliant.
What Oshkosh is really about is the people, the friends, the community, we have met so many amazing people that just sort of fell in to our lap, invited us to really cool
parties and gatherings, gave us a lift, or just sat next to us on the bus and chatted.

I must say that we were welcomed, appreciated and taken into the hearts of these people, the reactions to how we arrived were many and varied all of which being
extremely positive.

I know we are obviously not the first people to fly to the Oshkosh under their own steam in fact Charles Lindbergh flew ocross the atlantic in 1927 when he was just 24 years old by himself! 
Alcock and Brown did it in 1919 in an open air vickers vimy, (must have been freezing! Just ask Henry LoL).
Whatever it is, when the last guy to set foot on the the moon leans over shakes your hand, looks in your eye and says well done it gives one a real kick in the pants! 
I also had a chance to really connect with some very special people and spread a little bit of Jonny Le Bon Magic about! Or whatever it is I do for my day job (still can't get
off the tools).

We tried to get up and out as early as possible I knew it was going to be really busy trying to get out.
Lovely Coleen and Huggy gave us a lift to the Baron and we prepared her for the long journey home to Blighty.
In reality we were just going 20 minutes down to the next airfield to clear out of US customs and book into Canada border control, we started the engines and taxied out
of the parking to join the taxiway and joined the masses trying to depart we tacked on to a four plane queue right by the threshhold, in truth we only waited about 15
minutes as the controller were doing such a great job but when I looked astern the aircraft ther was 30 odd behind me, we were soon barreling Down the runway toward our first stop "Green Bay," this turned out to be a complete farce and as usual one border control hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing so lots of faffing around and hurry ups and wait, culminating in the Canadian. Border control giving me 2 formal warnings one for not being by the plane when she got there, the other for arriving early which turned out to be clearly their fault as they had misunderstood the difference between 13.30 and three thirty. 

We then left our second stop Thunder Bay. We had filed IFR. To La Grande Riviera and we knew the weather was to be far from ideal. 
We fuelled and fired up the twin conties taxiing out and holding short for a departing medivac. 
We took off into the miday heat building up and climbed once more into the cool, this leg was going to be about 03.30 mins and as we are flying back around the world we
are loosing time! So landing would be at Seven, too late for fuel or another leg today. The weather was up and down but our destination was defiantly down with a 600ft
cloud base a carful instrument GPS approach had to be flown with precision. 

We touched down smoothly to a deserted airport in Quebec, (French speaking Canada) it was still a welcome sight after flying over hours of nothing but forests and tundra. 
Just as we were putting the plane to bed a large pickup truck pulled up and a very nice Pompier jumped out. He appologised for having to take a landing fee and one nights parking fee. He then went on to offer us a lift into town, booking a hotel for us and then he took us on a sight seeing trip around the area! I just could not believe
the hospitality of this fellow.

We then saw one of the largest construction projects in the last century.
It is MASSIVE! A huge hydro electric dam and reservoir serving a lot of Canada and the US.
Finally back to the hotel good dinner then bed So
Night night and sleep tight Love Jonathan  will try to post pics tomorrow next stop Arctic Canada!! What this space. 

The last day. The hotel the handler had organised for us was about 5 miles outside town when we arrived we were hungry and tired there was a problem with our reservation, no room at the inn! The manager told us to go and eat and she would sort it out.
We had a great meal and a couple of much needed beers in the "Viking hotel" restaurant. After dinner we were driven to there guest house and given rooms there.
It was only when I had a shower that I realized the piping hot water was coming straight out of the ground, geothermally heated as it smelt of sulphur we slept well and
were excited about the prospect of breakfast as it would be the first in four days!

We woke up the next day to low cloud and drizzle, not really a good harbinger for the rest of the day. Henry was looking concerned as we still had to cross the mountains
and volcanoes of Iceland on route to Scotland. We had GREAT Icelandic breakfast and taxied to the airport listening to van Morrison in the cab. When we arrived at the FBO
we checked the weather again it was not looking good! Scotland was sitting under a big low pressure system and from the radar images it was very active! The centre of
the low was right over our chosen destination of Wick and I had talked to Andrew at wick the day before as he had phoned Greenland to check on our progress.

Other pilots from other aircraft started to arrive too and all had the same destination in mind.
We all studied the weather system intently and and made ou decisions, Henry was getting really concerned about the situation and told me just because I wanted to get
here I couldn't go charging through the weather system. I told him this was not my intention and I went through the alternatives with him. He relaxed a little but the situation was still extremely tense and uncomfortable for both.

Throughout the whole trip Henry has often questioned my decision making and thought processing this has been of great benefit to me and has made the experience one of greater value as I have often had to question myself again and again on the safety aspects as far as weather conditions, time fuel burn, alternates safety drills etc.
I am really gratful for all of Henry's imput into this trip not only has he literally done all of the navigation but helped almost tirelessly with the preparation with the aircraft before the trip and maintenance during and since. 
I doubt very much that I could have done this without my friends constant help and friendship it certainly would not have been so much of a fulfilling, fun and amazing experience.
I've now known Henry for about 10 years and watched him grow into the fantastic competent pilot and engineer he is, he is also a thoughtful, sensitive, caring and kind man,
i thought long and hard about taking someone on this trip and I had to turn down a few.

I am really pleased that I made the right choice and it is now a proven fact, we are not exactly the same but we make a great team and I look forward to a solid friendship
and and many more flying and other adventures in the future. 

Anyways, finally the decision was made we once again donned our safety gear and taxied out to take our IFR clearance to wick our alternate being Stornaway. We did the
run up checks and and we're cleared for takeoff. I turned on the taps and shot off down the runway, rotated and we climbed up into the gloomy Icelandic morning we picked up light icing in the climb and I was glad I filled up the deice reservoir with isopropanol. We then requested a lower level and punched out of the cloud above the beautiful icelandic tundra with its mountains and volcanoes.

As we neared the Atlantic low pressure system over Scotland the conditions started to worsen there was more cloud and you could see the tops of the CB,s from 60 miles away we discussed our options and alternatives my idea was to head east to avoid the worst of the weather then carefully pick our way throu the rest to land at Wick and if the conditions were too bad, run off to Stornaway.
My plan seemed to work out as we descended toward wick Scottish information was relayed to us from another aircraft we also heard someone leaving Wick and they
gave us a PIREP about the conditions at Wick it all seemed ok.

Henry took the controls of the aircraft and brought us in around the stunning showery coastline of northern Scotland,we made blind calls to Wick as no one was manning ATC on Sunday morning we prepared the Baron for landing and Henry positioned for runway 13 he touched down and made a perfect landing, we were just one leg away from home! 

Dear friends, 
I write to you from arctic Canada once again I find myself back in Frobisher bay in the arctic town of Iqualuit there is still a lot of ice in the bay and it remains impassable
to most ships. We woke really early today to try to expedite to Iqualuit and then on to Sondestrom fiord in Greenland. 

Our very nice friendly Pompier was picking us up from the hotel at 0615 When we woke the cloud was on the deck and we were pretty much fogged in. FOG the pilots nemesis, We left for the airfield La grande riviera the drive from the town to the airport is about 30 minutes but due to the conditions it was a good 45 the problem with
fog  is that A. You cant see the runway and B. if you have a problem when you take off gues what? You also can't see the runway so you can't land.

This leg of the trip was also tricky for other reasons once again we were flying over hundreds of miles of unpopulated land, lakes and tundra. 
The nearest town to our departure aerodrome was 600km away to give you an idea. 
This obviously means very few options if there are any prolems like nowhere to divert to, in fact we had no radio contact or radar control contact for over two hours.
We had to taxi to the fueller to refuel but he said he was afraid to go out in the fog on the apron in case some one taxied into him! This I could not believe!
Gradually the fog broke up and we were able to taxi for fuel The port engine refused to even turn over we taxied on just the starboard engine and fuelled up,paid up and
 Henry Freeborn primed the motor and pulled the prop through several blades, she fired right up after that.
We pulled on our woolly bears, dry suits and life jackets and after two extensive weather briefings we were once again climbing out through the low cloud on route to
Iqualuit .
The flight went well but we had obviously been delayed so our hopes of reaching Greenland were dashed, We listened to music during the radio silence trying to keep ourselves awake as the oxgen supplies are very low now and we tring to conserve what we have to cross the polar ice cap over Greenland.
Eventually we had to use oxygen as we climbed up over some weather then the decent to Iqualuit was a rush as the controller didn't get us down in time. We landed fuelled and put the covers on for the night checked into a loca hotel Ate dinner and now bed.

The final part of the journey, I have now tried twice to post this last episode and both times it has disappeared into cyberspace so let us hope I manage to achieve it today! Sitting on the train on the way to work in London it almost seems unbelievable the journey we've made it does feel a little odd to be back at work after such an experience.
We still had a good three hour to run to iceland and the situation was getting really tense in the cockpit, we were carrying quite a lot of ryme ice which forms from super cooled droplets of water and can seriously upset the airflow over the wings and empanage ie the lifting surfaces.our air speed had slowed as a result and the wind shear
we had encountered at 17000 feet was so strong our speed over the ground had deteriorated to just 112 knots this had put our ETA forward along way and it seemed we would not make Iceland with adequate fuel reserves.

At least the Oxygen was working so we could think straight we both rapidly started making calculations, time, distance, fuel burn, speed etc we knew the conditions were set to improve further down the track but could we rely on this especially after the iceing level forecast was so wrong?
The situation was looking really dire we had three options we could turnaround head back to kangerlussac risking more icing ove the polar cap, we could stop at kulusuk
on the east coast of Greenland, To refuel again reset the heater or we could keep going. 

I dropped the nose of the baron and we headed down to a lower flight level immediately the airspeed increased as we descended 4000ft we were now just a 1500ft above
the ice cap which is two miles thick in places and rises up to 12000 ft. 

Now sharing the FL 130 with the other aircraft the speed over the ground was now stabilized at 150 knots things were beginning to improve! 
We were still were carrying a lot of ice and and I could seem more building up I reported this to ATC and the aircraft in front came back to me sayin they were now in the clear and I only had another 5 minutes in icing conditions. 
After 10 minutes we started to pop out of the cloud and could see our alternate Kullisac we now only had transient ice and slowly as we flew into the sunshine the ice.
Began to melt and the performance improved again.

We now had good airspeed and speed over the ground was up to 165 knots we recalculated again and our ETA had dropped to just over two hour we both felt a lot more comfortable with this even though we were still FREEEZZING!! I looked back to the cloudy coastline of Greenland with its harsh rocky islands and beautiful glaciers, pack ice
and icebergs scattering the ocean so much natural beauty but so treacherous for those under prepared. 

We shivered along in our survival suits warming our hands in the sunlight on the glare shield (dashboard) within an hour we were talking to ATC Iceland radio and we
started our decent toward reykjavik, we arrived with a visual approach and taxied off to the FBO. 

The handler was waiting to greet us with a smile " good flight guys?" Henry and I looked at each other. More to folloe 

Atterrissage retour à Lee on Solent (Portsmouth sud de l'Angleterre). Fin du voyage.

Bravos pour les pilotes et pour le Baron.


Lee on Solent EFGH sur FSX. (ps: les nouveaux bâtiments au bord de la piste Sud orientée Est/Ouest désacfectée) ne sont pas réprésentés)

J'ai vu Jonny faire allonger sur ma table de jardin en granit (!), une jeune personne souffrante et la rétablir en quelques minutes.
Gageons que le Baron est piloté de mains de Maïtre. @

Merci à Emmanuelle pour l'interface.

ps : Français attention aux traducteurs automatiques qui s'ils sont activés pour lire en automatique modifient des mots français..en mauvais français.
Il est préférable de lire la page en mode "original"...

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